5 Tips To Perform Better

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to perform really well but you ended up flubbing it?

Be it in sports, work or in school, we all want to perform well. I can’t recall the number of situations where I wanted to perform splendidly but ended being too nervous and made a fool out of myself. It was embarrassing. Each time events like those happened I always tell myself that I’ll do better next time, but that “next time” came and went and my performance still isn’t satisfactory. That’s why I took some time to really think about what I was doing wrong and how I can improve. This is when I learned some important principles that helped me become a better performer – both as an athlete and as a person in general.

Here are some tips you can employ to perform better.

Be Positive

That’s the big reveal? The phrase is overused I admit, but the truth of the matter is, being positive REALLY helps. If you’re full of negative thoughts like “I’ll never win. I suck.” then you’ll definitely fail. But if you try to see things in a more positive light, you’ll find yourself more encouraged and confident in performing. Now let me just clear things here for a bit. Being positive is not the same as being unrealistic. I know I told you to think positive about the situation but don’t be unrealistic. If, for example, you’re injured, don’t be stupid by thinking that if you think positive it’ll heal by itself. Go to the hospital or some physiotherapy circles like Performax Health Group to get your injury treated. Look at the situation objectively, admit your flaws and problems, and work on them while maintaining a positive mindset about the situation.



Focus and analyze the situation at hand. To perform well in any event, you should get rid of any unnecessary thoughts that are not needed during that event or competition. If you worry about unnecessary stuff, then you’ll lose concentration on the game, be nervous, jittery and distracted, then ultimately you’ll fail. Be calm and focus.



If you’re an athlete, think about the reason why you’re playing the sport you’re playing. Remember that time in your childhood where you’re so passionate about your game you didn’t mind getting sweaty and being bad at it as long as you’re playing it. This will help you realize the reason why you’re doing the sport and destroy the idea that you need to be perfect. It’ll also help you relax into the game and ultimately help you perform better.



Practice makes perfect – another clichéd phrase. But like being positive, it’s undeniable that practicing helps. No matter how great your mindset and your attitude is, if you don’t practice and just hope for the best every time, then you’ll get nowhere. Practicing gives us a chance to simulate the real event and gives us a chance to correct flaws and analyze possible problems that might come up. Also, practicing readies our muscles for rigorous activities, strengthens our bodies and endurance for the event.


Trust in Yourself

After you’ve done your hardest to follow the above tips, then the only thing left to do is to trust in yourself. You did well and you’ll definitely perform well because you worked hard, focused and never let yourself be distracted by unnecessary things. Keep calm, breathe and trust in yourself.

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