About Litf.org

Not everyone has to be a top professional athlete to feel the joy of pursuing sports and lead a healthy life! What is more important is that nowadays the demand of doing sports has increased and people have begun to search websites and partners to join them.

All of the can agree that doing sports is good, but it is much better to do it together! Starting to run or do athletics you don’t need any special equipment, but there is always need for something: an excellent site where you can find tips and hints, interesting articles, reviews over sports products and where you can meet a friendly community and have the possibility to join it.

Not only do we encourage you to pursue sports with us but we would like to guide you in the world of healthy diets as well. Since doing regular sports  means a very demanding activity we tend to provide you tips you really must make sure of eating those meals that you need in your everyday life and to improve your achievement. Your body burns the calories intaken you have eaten during the courses so you must refill them in the proper way. Therefore we are about to publish articles lots o advice and experts’ advice in according to protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals.  Vegetarians sometimes worry about protein, but we will deal with this question as well by handling valuable information about having the necessary amount of protein without consuming diaries and meat. We will refresh old statements about sports and examine them in connection with the research work and new methods of training worked out lately.

The other issue has to be spoken about is sports equipment, and you can find everything in the field too. The half of the success depends on the right equipment, and later your body will show gratitude if you buy the best footwear and clothing while pursuing your favorite sport.

Also, sporting events can be found on this site to let you know where to go if you feel like take part in them or you want to enter or competition.

What we guarantee is that our site will always be absorbing, fresh, exciting with lots of news from all over the world. Our team works strenuously to provide you everything related to health, fitness, athletics, running. We grab the sports side of life and show you around in it!

Your training is our adventure, join us today!