Does Weight Training Help Long Distance Runners

To long distance runners, do weight training exercises give an advantage to their overall performance? Will adding too much bulk muscle slow you down?

Many are asking whether lifting and weight training exercises for long distance runners are necessary for a better performance.

While some of them prefer a lighter weight and focus more on training for their speed, cardiovascular condition, and endurance, others go for strength training for long distance running.

But does weight training exercises for runners really work? Keep reading to learn more.

how heavy weights benefit a long distance runner

Strength Training For Long Distance Running

Strength training exercises by lifting weights have a number of advantages to long distance runners. Lifting weights help lose body fat in your body which affects cardiovascular strength. It also contributes to a better body composition, helping you develop lean muscles more easily, which provides more endurance to your body.

More specifically, here are the reasons on how heavy weights benefit a long distance runner:

How Heavy Weights Benefit A Long Distance Runner

  1. Strengthens core

Traditional lifts including deadlifts, squats, and lunges to help develop and strengthen core strength and protect you from back pain, making your running become more improved.

  1. Aids stronger kicks

Better and stronger kicks add to a faster speed by generating a greater force as you kick off the ground. By adding strength training to your lower body in your program, you can have stronger leg muscles that contribute to stronger kicks and faster speed.

  1. Faster speed

Whether you are running a short distance or a marathon, the weight training exercises for long distance runners make you become fast. This is not only because of fat loss, and developed muscles, but also because it trains the body to use oxygen efficiently by decreasing the amount of oxygen you need to run at a designated speed.

  1. Better glucose level.
  2. Decreases oxidative stress.

weight training exercises for long distance runners

Ideal Weight Training Exercises For Long Distance Runners

While we can see how heavy weights benefit a long distance runner, it isn’t recommended to lift heavy weights all the time, especially if you are running the next day. This is because when are performing a weight lifting exercise, you are working out your full body, tiring and tearing your muscles. When your muscles are tired, you cannot run and train efficiently the next day. Having a few days off to rest your muscles is recommended to work more efficiently and improve.

Start Your Weight Training For Long Distance Running Now

If you worry about bulking up too much  and become slower when strength training, you should know by now these are myths and misconceptions.

There are lots of variables to consider before a person can add bulk, which includes diets, heavy training and adequate catabolic rest such as running. And since you are training for running, you won’t bulk up too much like others believe.

That is why if you want to become a better runner, get the benefits of strength training for long distance running today and improve your performance.

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