Issues Caused by Lack of Mobility in Athletes

The last thing athletes need is the inability to move. This is because movement is crucial to training, which prepares athletes for their respective events and competitions. Lack of mobility has serious repercussions. Mobility is one of the top essential elements of any endurance training program. CrossFit training is impossible to do if you suffer or experience a lack of mobility. For the most part, you are likely to notice this problem in your hips and ankles. However, you need to keep an eye out on other areas such as:

  • Joints
  • Tendons
  • Appendages
  • Ligaments

Below are some of the issues you should expect your body to develop due to lack of mobility.

Weakening and Shrinking Muscles

The most common effect is weakening or shrinking muscles. No athlete can continue performing optimally if the muscles grow weaker or shrink. Unfortunately, this issue develops within a week of being unable to move or be as mobile as you should. Shrunken or weak muscles do not improve immediately you resume training. In fact, shrunken, and weak muscles will only make it harder for you to train. Therefore, if you do not use or move your muscles – and the entire body – as regularly as you should, expect the muscles to suffer.

Osteoporosis and Contractures

The bones are also prone to suffering when athletes do not move as regularly as they should. Bones tend to grow brittle when athletes remain immobile for long. Worse yet is the fact that lack of mobility exposes the bones to the possibility of developing osteoporosis. The joints are also likely to develop a few problems. Most athletes who develop contractures often tend to be those who do not train or move as much as they should. Lack of mobility causes tissues to lose their elasticity, thus causing deformities known as contractures.

Decreased Performance and Lack of Stability

In young athletes, lack of proper mobility can lead to growing pains around the tendons. What is worse is that such athletes will witness a major decrease in their performances. The decreased performances have something in common with the lack of stability. Remember the point made earlier that lack of mobility leads to weak and shrinking muscles plus weaker bones as well as joints? With all these problems cropping up every day, your body will lack the level of stability needed to perform well in your races.

For increased stability it’s a good idea to get some top rated wrist wraps and some of the best knee wraps to help support your wrists and knees. By doing this you will increase stability during lifts and also provide them with support to prevent injuries.

Increased Risk of Injuries

Without adequate mobility in the body, athletes will notice an increased risk of injuries. A weak body is unable to avoid injuries. Unfortunately, the injuries take place even when the athlete is training. Worse yet, the injuries might occur right in the middle of competition. Athletes who suffer from lack of mobility are likely to be unable to do any training or serious workout. As all athletes know, inability to train as regularly and intensely as they should only intensify the likelihood of suffering a serious injury.

For more information on the issues caused by lack of mobility, remember to consult your doctor or physical trainer. It is advisable to do as many stretches as possible to ensure that the ligaments, joints, tendons and appendages in your body are sufficiently mobile to make you achieve your goals. Lack of mobility is not an issue that seniors alone should worry about developing. Athletes too – despite their intense training and excellent fitness levels – can develop.

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